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PF7 is active once more!!!! Expect new sounds to come out in the near future. This also means that the Best-of compilation will not happen but new songs will satisfy the need. Watch this space for more information.

Ok!!!! We have a new look! I hope you all like it. I was getting sick of the old interface so this should be better. I also received some new from Don Wege recently that PF7 are indeed working on new material. Watch this space for more info!

A new Pf7 release is being planned: Best Of Pf7-Compilation with some old favorites and unreleased new songs as well as remixes in 2002. As of yet there is no label. Keep your eyes open.

Don W has also worked on two Cycloon releases: Scent, and Zeitseize. Scent will be released November 2001, and Zeitseize in February 2002. For more information on these releases, visit the Cycloon site at:

In October 2001 Putrefy Factor 7 and their Ambient/Industrial-project Fragments will appear with two tracks on the IndyFada-Compilation. (The compilation will be published in memory of IndyFada who was a German Dark Wave-DJ. He died last year by a car crash. More information under: ) Pf7 will appear with the unreleased track "Transitoriness". The Fragments-track is called "These Voicez".

In May 2001, Fragments have completed their first release. It is a 13 track self-titled album. Originally created for the Vernissage of the exhibition "Klangbilder" of the German artists Angelika John and Bettina Böhme in the St. Thomas church in Berlin. The CD is planned for release and the band are currently looking for a label.

The sonXstudio site is now active!! It contains information about the studio itself and also information on PF7, Fragments, and much more. To go there click here.

The Biography section has been completed. 2 more mp3's have been added to the sounds page. These are both from compilations and are therefore rather hard to find.

I have been informed by Don that he will send me some new lyrics. When I get them, I will make them available on the lyrics page.

The Indyfada-Compilation has been released on January 5th. It can be ordered at