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Click on the images to get title info on each release

Compilation Appearances:

Terrorvisions (Remix)-----from Celtic Circle Sampler II (September 1994)

Mental Castigation (Scourge-Mix)-----from Celtic Circle Sampler III (September 1995)

Scum (Beggars Dance Mix)-----from Celtic Circle Sampler IV (September 1996)

Red Sun (Album Version)-----from Electronix (December 1995)

TV-Culture of Killing (Torture Mix)-----from Gothic Compilation Part IV (June 1996)

Headkick D.A.D.-----from Vertigo Compilation 1/96 (December 1995)

Agony (Album Version))-----from Vertigo 4/96 (September 1996)

Inflamed Flesh (Album Version)-----from Sidelights (March 1996)

Terrorvisions (New Visions)-----from Creations Vol. 2 (1998)

Agony (Final Station)-----from Maschinenwelt Compilation III (1999)