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Conquest of Isolation: Coming out - never my intention / Steady not understanding / Looking into strange faces / Always pressed against the wall / Desire for silence / Fear to be ailing again and again / In the own naked walls / The own thoughts worlds makes me anxious / Not complying with the limits of this system / is it important to be loved by all strangers / To be slaughtered by secret talks with cruelty? / Why do I stay alone when the exchange of thoughts / Is as filed as publicity likes to think? / Do you really feel alive? / Is it sufficient to dive into depths of souls / And never to reveal yourself? / Everything seems so strange / Fear of searching reality / Is it important... / I try to attain a new kind of existence / My inside rebellion let some signs to the outer world / Bubbling skin and bursting wounds / Views into a mirror / Astonished faces / Try to stop the conquest of isolation / Fear of searching for souls / Understanding but still free / Never finding, never succeeding / Never satisfied

Marked By Death: Born a life / In mother's love / Protected, erected / By mother's womb / Grateful time / Sexual abuse / Perverse inclination / Explicit violation / She's old and sick / Marked by death / Groaning, suffering / Nursed by him / He's not sad / No compassion / Just fascinated / Watching her dying / Followed in his dreams / Awaking free, relaxed / But also excited / By her decay / Erotic desire / To get on her bed naked / To breathe her decay / To move while she's dying / To masturbate / To squirt into her face / She's dead

Signs of Putrefaction: Oppression all over the land / After revelations everything's clear / Soul flies out over bleak landscape / Last lightening lanterns are blown out / Decomposition scattered on bodies and acres / Divine lance hurled into source of life / Deadly chill spreads out over flowers / Obliteration comes ruthless closer... / Folly of people punished by nature / Fragrance of corpses surrounds me / Signs of putrefaction come so fast / Skin cancer fells without compassion / No time or place to bury the remains / We clamour our dirges and weep / Signs of putrefaction scatter faster and faster... / Nature's started a genocide / As solution to stop overpopulation / As solution to suppress hybrids / As solution to selfrescue from destruction / Mankind has caused this revenge / This pollution's mortal / Ruin of forest / Ozone hole's getting wider / Polluted sea kills fishes and their consuments / Exhaustion slinks through bones / Out-sticking eyes, sickness, weakness / Disease, smell of dead corpses / Brings up the wish of vomiting / It's time to turn to faith / Invocations to reach bliss / New worship of god / They flee to believe / 'Cause believe's important when they're in need / Nature has reached the aimes / Mankind decreased to 1% / Pollution's prevented / Humanity's cured / And's regard for the things which are more important / Than prosperity and egoism

Red Sun: Red sun behind a veil of fog / Over rottened houses / Over dreary forests wasting away / Red sun over infected waters / Over smoking chimneys / Over decomposing children's corpses / Red sun behind spiritual confusion / Over fogged mind / Over cauterised skin / Over crippled limbs / Over whistling lungs / Over destroying egoism / Red sun, you bring no light anymore / No pleasure / No power of life / The black stains show your end / Black sun brings us darkness / Exhaustion / Mourning and death / Shining sun has gone out

Acid Injection: Creation of fully automatic chair / Metal hand and foot cuffs / Grab arms with prepared syringes / Complete control by computer program / Sitting down, self-closing chains / Activating the switch / Starting self destruction without return / I feel insanity creeping inside me / Fluids blurting out of every hole in my body / Uncalculated fear of death / Sweat streaming / Drivel dripping / Piss running down / I torture my vocal cords / Scream, scream... / I feel arriving freedom / Needles penetrating / Stabbing hurts / Exploding nerves / My brain seems to burst / While the poison disperses in my body / It begins to work / Cramps spreading out / I burn / Paralysed / Body bursting

Terrorvisions: Getting closer / To the edge / Mental disturbance / Far from normality / Intruding pictures / Kaleidoscope of violence / Distorted images / Blood, terror, atrocities / I'm feeling threatened / By an addiction / Only chance to flee / From reality / Diving into an explicit world / On the edge of social limits / Awaking features / From deep abysses / Penetrating my soul / Machine gun fire / I'm feeling higher / Starting torture / Taking revenge / On all that bound me / Aggressions set free / Dreams of squirting blood / Dying average people / Dying social structures / Terrorvisions / Blood, terror, atrocities / My personal terrorvisions / My mental terrorvisions / Violent terrorvisions

Erotic Forces Society...: No movement / In your naked skin / Eyes still open / Watching my sin / Murdered / Pale light, strange memories / Everlasting desire / Destroying, lacerating intention / Waiting / Thinking / Alone searching a knife / Cold steel at my cheek / Enjoying / Enjoying / Dreaming of a painful life / Searching in your flesh with the knife / Searching in flesh with knife / Searching in flesh with knife / Some rotten parts soaked with blood / Throwing away / Smacking sounds / Get out of my clothes / Erected by the erotic mood / Tainting my cock / By stinging into wounds / Slime dripping, contamination / I like it / I need it / Hot, bloody steel on my cheek / Fucking / Fucking into putrefied corpse...

Mental Castigation: Excitement, mutilation / Drowning in water / Pain and torture / Suffocating under my mask / I scourge myself / A snake, a sealed bid / Kisses me / The mighty dream of death / I'll never be alive / Such a life / What kind of life / A life / A-live / Such a life / Outside silence / Inside perversion / Goddamn shit / Such a shit / A time of shit / Stupid philosophy / I claw my soul / I punish me with contempt / craving for accomplishment / Want to crush impediments / Perpetual sadness / My offal's simmer / Caustic slime streams / Through untainted labyrinths / Fear of treachery / My hidden depravity / I know - I'll destroy my environment

Devotion To Decay: To reach a landscape of dreams / Distorted reality / To reach a new kind of freedom / Driving the stuff in his veins / Failing into pink coloured ecstasy / And then certainty that there is more / There's something inside / Cauterising his stomach / Matter ulcer is growing / It's hurting / But it gives food to his thought's world / Hopelessly devoted to decay / To decay / His disintegrating tongue / Flows out of his open mouth / While his viscera's bursting / He enjoys the pain / And on and on taking the drug / And more and more sinking into mug / Listening to new unheard sounds / Watching new unseen pictures / Climaxing into a total decay

Redemption: Alleviate the pain / Holy joy remains / There's nothing more to claim / No aim / Fatalistic time / Killing is no crime / Nothing here is mine / A worship infests me / No use for any plea / Jabbing in my mind / Calling me away / Swallowed every knowledge / Dreaming of a perfect world / Nightmares of gorging mankind / Waking up distraught / I seem to be deranged / Characterized so strange / I insist on justice / Society injured me / Feverish unrest / Tremulous mortal frame / A sort of nervous game / A corpse violent crushed / A soul ripped out / Such a precious body / Lying in the filth / Displaced to the other side / Scraped from walls so high / Retain my pride, unbroken will / Not pushed down, not falling / To reach the top / No use to strive for / Through the plaster / Gleams a new world / I was exhausted / Soon invigorated / Free. so free

Desease (Final Part): Living in despair / Living in frustration / Stepping backwards / In view of violent threads / Fires once burnt in our heads / Long ago extinguished / No flying into a passion / Vegetating in stupidity / Demoralized and subjected / To dominion of fear / isolated souls ending / In self analysis / Crowds are ailing in the streets / Rottened corpses of animals / Wailing masses of people / Wander through the darkness / Living in despair...