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Inflamed Flesh: Stage of daily grind / Too high expectations / Slipping off the role / Memories in mind / Using breaks for causing pain / It leaves no trace / Put on facades / Hiding a sad face / Deep despair / Being alone / Needing help / Completely perplexed / Poking in flesh / Not realizing hurts / Scorching skin / Enjoying the smell / Hitting against the walls / Reality is near / And suddenly so far away / Storms blow through her brain / Down the drain / Punish yourself / Punish yourself / Silent scream for help you need / Looking at the wounds / They bleed / Hurt yourself / Hurt yourself / No therapy will help indeed / Society has sowed its seeds / Pain yourself / Pain yourself / For being unimportant / For being a fucking nobody in the crowd / For being a goddamn nobody in the crowd

Awful Awakening: Awful morning / Awaking in chaos and panic / Sleepless nights on talking pillows / Praising of wonders never seen / Lights in dusty brains / Forcing doors / Watching the outer world / With all it's violent distortions / These stains on the wall / Receiving the demons' call / morning shouts alive / Expecting chaos / Searching for real, real quietness / Innocence / But he feels filthy / He's guilty / To keep his mind inside / Not to shout, not to shout, no delight / No silence, no calmness, damnation / Breaking his will, broken ambitions / To keep his soul alive / Near to death, near to death, darkest drive / To keep his mind inside / Not to shout, no delight / It's all confused outside / Structures and schemes become blurred / Forming threads / Fear, fear, fear / I'm clear / I'm cured / Let me out of here / These nightmares - painful dreams / These voices seducing me / Bloodstains testify to his past / Being protected / Remaining imprisoned / Human urge to kill / To keep his mind inside... / Reality, I'm waiting for you / Give me a sign to see what's really true

Misanthropic: Wipe away the tears / Period of expecting endured / Philosophize, reception of instructions / In a dark meager furnished room / Solitary time of spiritual asceticism / Caught in a cage of frustration / Punisher of mankind / So much contempt in one single heart / Equal to hatred between races / Final deliverance / Punisher of mankind / Judge of a society of injustice / of abysmal disdain / Divine voices whisper orders / Explaining a ritual / How to draw power out of victims / To stand eye to eye to misanthropic creature / Which imagines to be our saviour / He throws out the heart / Dissecting into its components / Eating up life / He saws off the skullpan / Enflaming the brain / Absorbing vapours of burning brains / and cadaverous smells / Inhaling every knowledge available / Inhaling souls / Inhaling power / The ritual is finished / There he stands / Raising his hands to heaven / Strengthened for new orders / Many more will follow

Scum: Having nowhere to go / Having no place to live / Strange time, piece of slime / Ostracized stinking beast / Feeling wrong in this world / Feeling lost in the crowd / Winter frost, sudden end / Alcohol the only friend / Sleeping on cold concrete / Beside the city beat / Fall among evil days / Slip into a steady haze / How does it feel to be edged out? / Pushed into the sidelines / You got so much to say / But no-one listens / This kind of subsistence / Drowns its sorrows / Licking in the dust / Of reality / Try to get up / And I'll kick you down / Try to survive / And I'll push you back / You repel me / You turn me off / You are just scum / Disgusting scum / I suffocate in social rubbish / I feel ashamed / I turn my eyes away from this disgrace / This human eyesore / Try to get up and I'll kick you down / Try to survive and I'll push you back / I will repulse you / I will reject you / You repel me / You turn me off / You are just scum / Disgusting scum

Agony: In these days / I swim in nightmares / truth annoys me / truth destroys me / Presence keeps no / Positive surprises / Why was I hurled / Into this world? / I stroll through troops of / Young immature fascists / My lungs corrode / In this air full of hate / I see the greed / In the eyes of the rich / I hear jealousy / In the words surrounding me / Isolation / Alien nation / desperation / Emotional starvation / They want to obtain everything / But this won't be enough / They want to get more and more / They want to be more and more / Human being will never be satisfied / Painful time / Age of crime / Isolation / Cruel creation / Invocation / Emotional starvation / Final station / Why was I hurled / Into this world? / Out of this protecting chamber / Why was I hurled / Out of this hall of souls / Where I was nothing but myself / Is this all I expected / Is this the life I dreamt of? / So much has to be said / But I got no further words / There won't be enough aims / For the rest of this life

TV Culture of Killing: Desert Storm / Permanent transmission / Financial success / Shocked publicity / Reality Reporting / More blood for more spectators / Torture Vision / TV: Culture of killing / TV: Killing culture / Voyeuristic medium for the masses / The sorrows of minorities / Yourself sheltered in front of the screen / TV: Culture of killing / TV: Killing culture / Torture vision / Mental pauperization / Slaughter scenes / Punishment / Splatter movies / TV: Culture of killing / TV: Killing culture

Platzende Wunde: Schanungslas dröhnen hämmernde Krämpfe durch den Saal / Gnadenlos verbindet enthemmtes Sägen die Kettenglieder / Wände rücken der Nacht entgegen / Zigaretten brennen Lücken in die Angst / Und wieder läuten die Glocken den Tag aus / Weider tritt die Stille der Umneblung ins Kanonenfeuer / Endlos winden sich verschlungene Körper im aggressiven Hagel / Bedingungslos finden sich verstummte Strukturen an verschiedenen Strängen / Suchsender aktivieren einen Löffel Wahrheit / Bierflaschen rutschen durch Speiseröhren / Und wieder ertrinken die Hemmugslosen im Morgentau / Wieder plant das Gefühlskalte die Hinrichtung der Sonne / Der Tag hat gesagt: / Finde das Licht wieder! / Der Tag hat gewarnt: / Achte auf deine Entzündungen! / Und die Wunde platzte doch auf / Was ist der Anfang der Entsagung? / Ein schneller Ritt durch das Reich der Andersartigen / In Sekunden gesehen, was ein Leben dauert / Tausche auf, und falle immer wieder züruck / Der tag hat gesagt........

Regulation: Don't slur what you want / It triggers madness / Destroys your psyche / Regulation / Cruel fake / Reason rules / Your way of life / Your way of thinking / Hold in check / Human beast / Lots of grieves / Feel more peace / Spin around / Torture sound / In your mind / Triggers madness / Encaged in this normality / Engaged to this morality / Enraged by this stupidity / Inside these great desires / regulate the inner fight / Human reason controls the conflict / Devote on regulation / Polite / Democratic / Generous / Obliging / Just a fake / Anarchy / Ruthlessness / Egoism / Selfishness / Inside these great desires... / reason stipulates the way of action / Reason restrains the human beast / Regulate your desires / Regulate your emotions / Regulation / I'm a nothing / And I'm everything / All answers inside

Age of Chaos: It tears me apart / You should not wonder, why / When you open your mind / Receive the sounds of destruction / This is the age of chaos / Cities in dust / Souls in isolation / This is the age of chaos / It tears me apart / It tears me apart