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Confrontation: Tear open the eyes/Shudder but stay awake/World's lost its magic/Will you ever understand/Noises of industries/Noises of violence/Stench of pollution/The stench of poverty Demolition and ruin/Mortar crumbles from the houses/Dark narrow streets/Hide their dreadful secrets/Everything seemed to be alright/Regressive people live back in time Drugs are a solution/No solution, our conclusion/ in an everlasting downward trend/World of sheer confusion/Drugs are your solution/No solution, our conclusion Adaptation devours emotions/Escape the realm of progressive paradigm/Hunted human being/Relax and feel there's nothing/In your creative hole/Filled up with emptiness It's all ridiculous/Humans encaged in their small cases/Signs of fascism/Signs of intolerance Confrontation/between past and future/Conservation and progression/Decision between retirement/and claims of future/Forget traditions/Stop thinking/Let yourself drift in monotony New aims, no aims/Stress and money/are leading society/Terrible vision of a new age/No time for regression/Dreams and fantasy

Fate: Normality kills/So stay in touch with hypernatural things Expecting a shockwave/That makes me shiver and/Waiting for a vacuum/To overcome gravity/Hoping that the ground/starts to sway again/Looking for a storm/To blow away this banality Searching for a big bang/To make my mind flounder and/Needing an abyss/Open up and drag me down to the ground/ I melt to water/Is this my reality? I don't fall/I don't fly/Never deep/Never high Average feeling/Average pain/Average lust/Remaining the same Temperature low/Progression slow Begging for baby big bang/To blow away anxiety/Howling for healing hands/To get the pressure out of me/Falling into a flood/For our souls be cleaned Average work/Average ways/Average views/Average trace I don't sleep/I don't wake/Never true/Always fake